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“The lacustrine landscape of Xochimilco, located 28 km south of the city testifies to the efforts of the Aztec people to build a habitat in the midst of an unfavorable environment. It constitutes the only reminder of traditional Pre-Hispanic land-use in the lagoons of the Mexico City basin.” As in Barrio Logan and Logan Heights, the people rebuilt a community after it was divided and the land deemed unfavorable. And til this day, you will see these stories painted on the pillars of Chicano Park. Where the children of those who fought for our land continue to write these stories. The traditions travel through our veins the way the trajineras travel through the chinanmpas at Xochimilco.

“However, the integrity of Xochimilco is vulnerable to threats derived from the geological conditions of the place. Threats are principally posed by development pressures, changes to land-use, abandonment and contamination. Notwithstanding these threats, the property maintains all the elements to convey its Outstanding Universal Value and offer testimony to its various stages of development, particularly the convergence of cultures for nearly seven centuries.”​In the same breath, miles and miles away, the integrity of our community of Barrio Logan and Logan Heights lays with the same fate.

This Dia De Muertos, we honor the strength of our ancestors, grandparents, parents, and our loved ones. We are the standing testament to their resilience. In Barrio Logan and Logan Heights as in Xochimilco, time stops and the door to the past is opened.  The modern world stops for tradition, and we go back in time to pull from the past to get us through the present and prepare for the future.  ​​


*Excerpt: UNESCO Works Heritage Convention. Historic Centre of Mexico City and Xochimilco.



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