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AFL Committees

Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a member of one of All For Logan’s
committees. As a member of a committee, you would have the opportunity to make apositive
impact on our community, local businesses, and carry out community-based events that
highlight our businesses and showcase our cultura.

Back of a group of volunteers

Fundraiser Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for coming up with fundraising ideas and
events; outreach to potential donors, increased brand awareness, coordinating, planning
and implementing fundraising events and awareness activities, event set up, etc. This committee will begin meeting in February of 2023.

Barrio Art Crawl Committee

The event Barrio Art Crawl has been around
for many years and has mentioned in many articles. This year we are hoping to add different art mediums such performance art, street performers, and more live art painting on the block. If you are an outside the box type of thinker, and are ready to come up with new ways of show casing different art mediums, then this is the committee for you. This committee is ready for you to join.

Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 1.33.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 1.35.52 PM.png

Selena/Frida Committee

Anything for Selenas & Frida! The Selena/Frida committee is in charge of coordinating, planning and executing these two major events. These two are some of our popular events and we expect many visitors. We get lots of locals as well tourists. As part of the Committee you will have the ability to flex your creativity by coming up with ideas to make these events even more successful and memorable. You will coordinate and bring this event to life. In the past we normally have DJ’s, face painters, Selena contest and vendors set up along Logan Avenue. This is your chance to add your flare to these events. This committee will begin meeting in late February.


Dia De Los Muertos Committee

This event will be one of our larger events. As part of the committee you work closely with the Chicano Park Steering Committee and Aztlan Libre. You will help coordinate and execute this event. There are many moving parts to this event and it will require
many volunteers. This event may include closing down Logan Avenue, an art show and community altares, altares all along Logan Avenue, blessing of the altares by the danzantes and Mariachi serenata to the altares along the block. We will also have some workshops that will be begin in August. This committee will begin meeting in March.

Logan Lights and Posada Committee

If you love the holidays, this one is for you. This year we are hoping to motivate all the store fronts to participate in a Christmas decoration light competition. Let’s get lit!! Last year’s Posada was a success. This year it will be even bigger. This event will include piñata's, artificial snow area, arts and crafts for our community kids, free tamales give away, music along Logan Avenue, photos with Santa and a lowrider Christmas light parade. This committee will begin meeting in October.

Christmas Lights
Futuristic Scene

May The 4th Be With You Committee

A long time ago, in a barrio far, far away … This event is led by Joni of Mal Bicho. It is an homage to Star Wars. Joni created this event with the thought that many of our barrio families are under-privileged and don’t get the opportunity to participate in this type of event. She wanted to give them the chance to experience the magic of May the 4th here in our own barrio. As part of this committee, you will be able to share ideas, assist with event coordination. This committee will begin meeting the first week in April.

Planet and Moon

Chicano-Con Committee

This is our spin off to Comic-Con. Last year there were over 135,000 visitors in San Diego for Comic-Con. This is a great opportunity to showcase our neighborhood and bring in some of those tourism dollars. This committee will begin meeting in June.

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